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Server Release

Jackshi ModeratorNorth Chief posted Nov 8, 17

Alright, now it all comes to this. After nearly a year and a half of tireless efforts by every member of our staff team, Bending Avatar will officially be opening this Saturday (11/11/17). We have recreated the enormous Avatar world, assembled our own follow-up to the Legend of Korra, and built your favorite landmarks from the hit series.

We're all very excited for the release of Bending Avatar and hope you'll join us for the beginning of our continuation on the stories of Aang and Korra in the year 242 AG. This post will be updated as soon as I have a final hour for the server debut. Thank you for your patience; It's been a long ride, and we can't wait to have you all participate!



Admin Kittyeon/TenLee set up a release date for us and a countdown. The official debut of Bending Avatar will be on Saturday, 11/11/17, at 1:00pm EST, 12:00pm CST. We really hope you can join us on the launch of the server, and we have plenty in store for the future!



Xoedee Admin posted Oct 10, 17

I know, I know. Those who have been wanting to join the server have had to wait such a long time, but soon we shall open! We have finished almost all of the builds and are excited to open! So yeah, we estimate roughly two weeks, maybe sooner if we are lucky! 

Have a Sneak Peak! 

I hope everyone is as excited as we are!